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Community Initiatives

Connecting People to Create Change


Magoye Library and Community Hub, Magoye, Zambia

The Magoye Library and Resource Centre Steering Committee, a community-led committee with representatives from teachers, traditional leaders, youth, parents and Mazabuka District Council was built in 2021. The library is a natural hub in the community and local community members have been trained in inclusion, diversity, gender equality and anti-stigma so that all feel welcome. There is a digital literacy space, books, and a television room where national events, news and sports are accessible to community members. The library space is also available for meetings of the Ward Development Committee, Women's Village Banking, the Markets Committee and meetings of church members and traditional councilors at no charge. This is the first library in Mazabuka District.

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Financial Microcredit Project, Dapaong, Togo

The Won Manu (meaning 'tomorrow will be better') microcredit project has been very successful with 507 women and 114 men from 7 villages and the Town of Dapaong receiving loans to date. The businesses have focused on agriculture, food storage, animal husbandry and food transformation (e.g. making porridge). Won Manu Financial Relay is also  The microfinance program works directly with women's and farmers' cooperatives to strengthen empowerment and business opportunities directly impacting their households through improved food security, health and education. 


General Ophthalmic Association of Liberia

Pamodzi partnered with the General Ophthalmic Association of Liberia (GOAL) and the Ministry of Health National Eye Health Program to host the first ever in-service program for 117 eye health professionals (including ophthalmologists, optometrists, cataract surgeons, ophthalmic nurses, optometry technicians, vision technicians, opticians and ophthalmic medical assistants). The in-service training had a number of important impacts including: strengthening clinical skills; creating a referral network within scopes of practice; strengthening linkages among eye health professionals; and, introducing a standardized screening tool developed by the Ministry of Health. The National Eye Health Coordinator stated that "GOAL is the right platform for coordination of eye health in Liberia" and that this funding "has helped use move in a more coordinated fashion".


ASPAD Agro-Ecology Vocational Training Program, Togo

This program was launched in May 2022 by local authorities and regional representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture. Agro-ecology training was provided to 29 out of school young farmers from 7 villages on environmentally friendly methods to increase agricultural production and contribute to strengthening livelihoods. This program has been very successful increasing awareness of environmental issues, climate change, economic and local policy issues related to community development; increased use of organic fertilizer; increased vegetable production; and improved small scale livestock. A second cohort of 30 students has recently started this training program.


Magoye Community Hub Grants

The community hub project is based in Magoye, Mazabuka District and allows for the efficient and effective distribution of smaller grants based on community priorities. We work closely with traditional leaders, Ward Development Committees, school and parent committees, and community-based organizations with whom Pamodzi has established and effective relationships to identify priorities and implement projects.

This model has been very successful with a number of high impact projects already completed including:

(1) Two health posts (Loodne Health Post and Mukwima Health Post) to provide growth monitoring built in consultation with Ministry of Health.

(2) Four water points (Loodne Village, Munenga Village, Lukuba Village, Mabanga Village), were built or rehabilitated, benefiting more than 1200 children, men and women in these villages.


Won Manu Cooperative Fence Project, Togo

The ASPAD/Won Manu cooperative manages a unique agro-ecological training centre to train young farmers and contribute to build capacity to reduce poverty and improve food security in the Savannah Region. Pamodzi, in collaboration with Rotary Clubs in Toronto, Canada and Dapaong, Togo supported the installation of a stronger and more sustainable wire fence in 2020-21. The fence now protects the Cooperative's 4 hectare land and crops. The cooperative is now growing corn, potatoes and fruit trees (mango, bananas, orange, papaya, palm trees, guava). In addition, 1,005 Baboab trees have been planted and 3,000 seedlings in the nursery. There has been improved socioeconomic wellbeing in lives of the Cooperative members and the local community.


Renovation of Ophthalmic Training Program Student Dormitory, Liberia

In collaboration with New Sight Eye Center (NSEC), a dormitory was renovated for students of NSEC's Ophthalmic Nursing Training program. This program is the only one in Liberia and is accredited by the Ministry of Health through the Liberian Board for Nursing and Midwifery. The renovated  dormitory now provides accommodation for up to 8 students and includes a kitchen, 3 bathrooms, 1 store room, 1 dinner hall and 1 sitting room. The dormitory reduces the financial burden on students and enhances academic performance through increased access to NSEC's campus, library and internet.


Renovation of Teachers' House, Zambia 

Five teachers' houses was renovated at Kalama Primary School, Mazabuka District. The renovation of teachers' houses is a community priority in this rural area to support retention of teachers, strengthen quality of education, and provide extracurricular activities. As a result of the investment in the teacher's housing, the Ministry of Education has increased the grades offered at the school and assigned 4 additional teachers. The school has also now been awarded a grant from the District Community Development Fund to build a new school block.


Buchinga Community Water Point, Mazabuka District, Zambia

A solar-powered well was built in the village of Buchinga. The community-based Buchinga Water and Sanitation Committee is now in charge of operating and maintaining the well which provides access to safe water for a population of 800 people. The has also improved livelihoods through crop production for both household consumption and for sale.

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