Community Initiatives

Connecting People to Create Change


Magoye Library and Community Hub, Magoye, Zambia

The Magoye Library and Resource Centre Steering Committee, a community-led committee with representatives from teachers, headmen, youth, parents and Mazabuka District Council is implementing this project. The library and resource centre will improve access to information and computer technology; literacy among children, youth and adults; provide an inclusive community hub and point of referral for community support; and empower youth, especially girls, through integrated library programming. Community volunteers will be trained in inclusion, diversity, gender equality and anti-stigma to ensure that all feel welcome and included in the use of this space. This will be the first library in Mazabuka District.

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Financial Microcredit Project, Dapaong, Togo

This microcredit project will work directly with women's cooperatives to improve the income and economic opportunities for rural women in the Savannah Region. 600 women will be direct beneficiaries and a further 4,690 indirect beneficiaries within their households, primarily children. Increased economic development will result in a cascade of benefits including improved food security, increased educational opportunities and stronger child protection.


Renovation of Teachers' House, Zambia 

One of five teachers' houses was renovated at Kalama Primary School, Mazabuka District. The renovation of teachers' houses is a community priority in this rural area to support retention of teachers and strengthen quality of education. Teachers living locally, increase the dependability, quality and quantity of learning opportunities and extracurricular activities for students. The Ministry of Health also invests more in schools with local teachers, often upgrading the school and assigning and paying salaries of additional teachers. This improves teacher:student ratios and increases access to education by expanding grades offered in the school. Renovation of the remaining 4 houses is currently underway.


Renovation of Ophthalmic Training Program Student Dormitory, Liberia

In collaboration with New Sight Eye Center (NSEC), a previously purchased dormitory was renovated for students of NSEC's Ophthalmic Nursing Training program. This program is the only one in Liberia and is accredited by the Ministry of Health through the Liberian Board for Nursing and Midwifery. The renovated  dormitory now provides accommodation for up to 8 students and includes a kitchen, 3 bathrooms, 1 store room, 1 dinner hall and 1 sitting room. The dormitory reduces the financial burden on students and enhances academic performance through increased access to NSEC's campus, library and internet.

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Garden Fence Project at the Won-Manu Training Centre, Togo

The ASPAD/Won-manu cooperative manages a unique agro-ecological training centre to train young farmers and contribute to build capacity to reduce poverty and improve food security in the Savannah Region. Pamodzi, in collaboration with Rotary Clubs in Toronto, Canada and Dapaong, Togo supported the installation of a stronger and more sustainable wire fence to secure plant and animal production. The rehabilitation of the fence has allowed the centre to resume gardening activities, increase production of tree nurseries, create three large fish ponds, and relaunch a training program in agro-ecology in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment and other development partners.


School Internet Access, Togo

Internet connectivity was supported for one year at Yanfouom College, a secondary school in Dapaong with over 1,000 students. This facilitated six classes of 273 students to receive information and computer technology lessons; 45 teachers used the internet to prepare their lessons; 186 students used it to complete their national exams; and, 65 community members received training in computer science.


Electronic Medical Record at the Liberia Government Hospital Eye Center, Buchanan, Liberia

An electronic medical record (EMR) was implemented and thirteen staff members were trained. The goal of the EMR is to support the delivery of quality care to patients by facilitating efficient case management; collecting data for administrative reporting; and, supporting public health measures (e.g. contact tracing) related to COVID-19. In addition, four laptops were purchased and internet access provided to support remote work by staff as required during lockdown periods.


Carolyn A. Miller School Internet Connectivity, Monrovia, Liberia

In collaboration with Vision Awake Africa for Development, internet connectivity was provided to the computer lab at the Carolyn A. Miller School. 320 students at the school and approximately 30 students from outside the school benefited through an increased ability to retrieve online information and resources.


Buchinga Community Water Point, Mazabuka District, Zambia

A solar-powered well was built in the village of Buchinga in collaboration with the community-led Buchinga Water and Sanitation Committee and engineers in the local government. The well will improve water and sanitation for people and livestock in the community, reduce the distance people travel to collect water, and improve the economic activity of people through crop production for consumption and sale.