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Meet the Founders

Founders: Meet the Team

Chipo Chiiya

Mr. Chipo Chiiya is a skilled development worker with over 15 years experience conducting participatory training, tools development, research, and  implementing education activities at both local and international levels. From 2016-2021, Mr. Chiiya was councillor and Deputy Mayor in Mazabuka District, Southern Province, Zambia. He works closely with communities to understand their priorities, and through community participation explores solutions. As a community leader, Mr. Chiiya participates on a number of District Council committees including the committee that reviews community-led development projects. Previously Mr. Chiiya worked with vulnerable and hard to reach children at Fountain of Hope Street Children’s Centre in Lusaka and as a Regional Trainer with the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, where he trained trainers in over 22 African countries. Mr. Chiiya is a founding member and managing partner of 3C Regional Consultants and believes that social change requires equal power and participation.

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