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How We Work

Connecting People to Create Change

Pamodzi Philanthropy Advisors, Inc. is unique in the world of philanthropy with the ability to foster connections between communities on the ground who are leading the change they want to see, and philanthropists, family foundations and other donors who contribute to realizing the vision of those initiatives. Pamodzi’s niche approach allows us to be efficient, effective and transparent in our work.

Pamodzi works directly with community leaders and other local stakeholders to identify priorities, facilitate implementation, and report on impact.  A member of our leadership team (co-founder or board member) oversees all aspects of project implementation and provides regular progress and financial updates. 

Pamodzi incorporates ongoing learning and critical reflection in all our work to ensure that we are responsive and accountable to everyone involved, both community partners and donors. 

"Partnering with donors, government, traditional leaders and communities is key because if we all get involved to make a difference then we will leave no one behind." 

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