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Education Support

"Education is the key for concrete and sustainable development"

Mme Martine Sinandja, Board Chairperson



Pamodzi is partnering with the Carter Foundation to provide school support for 9 children who have parents with disabilities. The school support includes school fees, uniforms, clothes, supplies, and supplemental food. Education funds were also provided to Vision Awake Africa for Development (VAAFD) to provide partial university support for 14 students who graduated from the Carolyn A. Miller School.


Education support was implemented in collaboration with our longstanding partner, Yanfouom College, a secondary school in Dapaong. Vulnerable children are identified by school administrators and in collaboration with the parents' committee. The school prioritizes equal enrollment of girls and boys, and subsidizes girls through lower school fees. Funds were also used towards tutoring for youth studying for exams (offered for 4 hours on Saturdays in English, French and Science) and to support sexual and reproductive health.

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Educational support is provided to children in 5 rural primary schools in partnership with Lushomo Foundation, a Zambian Registered NGO. While both girls and boys are supported, girls and vulnerable children (e.g. orphans, children with disabilities, girls re-entering school after early pregnancy) are prioritized. Students are identified in collaboration with teachers, PTAs, families, local child protection committees and traditional leaders. Tailored support has been provided to approximately 200 students including uniforms, school supplies and textbooks, assistive devices, and placement support).

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